Our Mission

We at The Dank Gardener are a group of Northern Californian, horticulturalists that believe everyone in the world should be able to sustain a healthy organic lifestyle without a huge cost. We want to help everyone grow their own food and medicine to live a better, longer and healthier life. As you know, your body cannot survive without the essential nutrients that plants provide. No matter how much space you have available we have the answers for you. Whether you live in an apartment or on an estate with many acres we have solutions that can help. We are passionate about  bringing this deserved information to the masses. We support non-GMO, sustainable, organic living and want to better the earth through REAL informative news and information that is not tainted.

We have developed a website and a smartphone application that can guide even the most novice gardener into growing more produce then their families can consume, and possibly benefit their communities through organic produce donations. Our website and app are dedicated to bringing you up-to-date information for all your gardening needs. OUR MISSION IS TO SHARE GARDENING KNOWLEDGE FOR A BETTER TOMORROW!!!

The Dank Gardener

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